Microsoft Offers Get Genuine Windows: Full Operating Systems Versions Now Available

Each year, millions of computer users worldwide find themselves out of compliance with software licensing because of software piracy or other licensing issues. For nonprofit organisations and public libraries in this situation, Microsoft offers full Windows operating systems through the programme Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organisations.

Get Genuine products are full operating systems, not upgrades. They are available only to correct scenarios in which an organisation has an existing PC with one of the following operating systems installed on it:

  • Counterfeit, pirated, or otherwise illegal, unlicensed, or improperly licensed Windows operating system
  • The standard edition of Windows 8
  • Home Premium, Home Basic, or Starter editions of Windows 7 or Windows Vista
  • Home or Starter editions of Windows XP
  • Linux, FreeDOS, or other operating system

Special Rules for Get Genuine Product Requests
Eligible organisations may place only one request ever for Microsoft Get Genuine Windows operating system products. Additionally, these products may not be returned. The request may be for up to 50 licenses of any combination of Get Genuine products. Note: Since Get Genuine products are part of the Windows Desktop Operating Systems title group, an organisation's request for them will reduce the number of operating system upgrade products it may request in its current two-year donation cycle.

Requests for Get Genuine products may not contain any other products.

Software Assurance Not Included
Get Genuine products do not include the Software Assurance benefits that come with most other Microsoft software donations. If an organisation installs a Get Genuine product, that product will not have the benefit of receiving a free upgrade to a newer version of Windows when it is released in the future. However, the Get Genuine product will provide a computer with a legal base operating system upon which Windows upgrade products that include Software Assurance benefits offered through TechSoup South Africa can be installed. Additionally, organisations that request Get Genuine products will be able to downgrade their donation to earlier Windows OS versions at no cost through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center.

Upgrades Also Available
Organisations with computers that do not fit these scenarios might be eligible for one of the Windows operating system upgrade products offered through TechSoup South Africa.