Volume Licensing Service Center – Downloading and Installing Software

Learn hoMicrosoft logow to download and install software obtained from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), Microsoft's website to help you get installation keys, download or order Microsoft installation software, and access other benefits.

What Software Is Available?
Through the VLSC, nonprofit organisations can download and install any available version or language for your product, as long as the total number of installations does not exceed the number of licenses you obtained through TechSoup South Africa. For example, if your TechSoup South Africa request included 20 copies of the English version of the Windows 8 upgrade product, you could install five copies of this product in English, five copies in Spanish, five copies in French, and five copies of Windows 7 in any language, for a total of 20 installations.

If you see products that you do not recognise in the download list, consult the product use rights (PUR, also called terms of use) for the specific product to understand whether it is available to you. For more information, see the Product Use Rights section of Differences from Retail Products.

Office Multi-Language Packs
Organisations that acquire Windows versions of Office products through TechSoup South Africa are eligible to request Office Multi-Language Packs through Software Assurance.

Service Packs
After a product has been released for a while, Microsoft usually releases service packs or revision updates. Products with these updates included have indications such as SP1, SP2, or R2 in their names. If your computers have the appropriate system requirements, you should usually download the one with the most recent date in the Release Date column.

Previous Software Versions
The VLSC offers the current version of its products on the site. You might be able to obtain earlier versions as well.

Before You Start
To download or order installation software, you must either be the administrator or have permission to perform the Download role. For more information, see Maintaining Your Account.

Downloading Installation Software

  1. Sign into the VLSC.
  2. Choose Downloads and Keys from the navigation bar. The Downloads and Keys page appears, showing all products in your donation, grouped by families.
  3. Find the specific product you want to download.
  4. Click the Download link associated with that product.
  5. Select your download method, language, and operating system type if applicable (32-bit or 64-bit). You can use either Microsoft's recommended download manager or your web browser for the download operation. If you choose the download manager and it has never been installed on this computer, you will be prompted to install it. To see information about these options, choose Help from the menu bar. Click Continue when you have selected your options.
  6. Click the Download down arrow icon that appears under your product listing.
  • If you are using your web browser to download your software, the Save As dialog box appears. Specify your location and click Save to start the download. Repeat as needed for other download files.
  • If you are using the download manager, the application opens, and the download begins. The download manager displays the progress and status at the top of the window. You can click Pause at any time to pause the download operation. You can restart the download manager and click Resume at a later time.

For server products that require setup codes for installation, the codes appear on the VLSC download page after download is complete.

Using Downloaded Files
The files downloaded from the VLSC have the file extension .iso. An ISO file is an image of a CD or DVD. An ISO file downloaded from the VLSC is a copy of the installation CD or DVD. You can use the ISO files you download in the following ways.

Burning an ISO File to Disc
This allows you to use the burned disc as you would any installation disc. The software will have commands or help topics like: create disc using image; disc copy; burn image. To burn an ISO file to a disc, you'll need software for burning or creating CDs or DVDs.

Opening the ISO File and Copying its Contents
You can open an ISO file if you have software that can access the contents of ZIP or CAB files. You can then copy the contents of the image file to your computer.

Virtually Mounting the ISO File
You can virtually mount the ISO file if you have software that can virtually mount drives. This allows you to access the ISO file as if it were a disc in a disc drive.

Ordering Installation CDs or DVDs
Most products are available both in download and disc format. Downloads are available at no cost, but there is a charge to have discs shipped to you.

Microsoft refers to the installation software on CD or DVD as a "media kit." Media kits are $25 each. You can order up to 10 copies of each media kit.

  1. Follow steps 1 through 5 of Downloading Installation Software, but click Order Media instead of Continue at the end of step 5.
  2. On the following page, enter the quantity you want and click Update Cart.
  3. Click Proceed to Checkout when you are finished. Follow the prompts to complete the order process.

Ordering Software by Phone or Fax
You can call Microsoft's fulfillment center at (800) 336-0098 or contact them by fax at (800) 554-8281. They will need your agreement license and authorization numbers, which you can find on the VLSC by choosing Licenses > Relationship Summary. See License Information for additional details from TechSoup South Africa fulfillment email or the TechSoup South Africa Order Status page. The shipping and handling fee is $2 more, or $27, if the order is placed by phone or fax.

Note: The fulfillment center processes orders only from the United States, Canada, and U.S. territories. To locate the contact for ordering software from another region, choose Help from the VLSC menu bar and click Contact Us at the bottom of the page. On the map, click your continent and then select your country from the drop-down list.